For 100 years we have delivered results for our clients and, just as the meaning of that statement has changed over those years, as we enter our second century as a Partner led business we are striving to continue to deliver outstanding results for our clients and seeking to go even further by adapting the way our business operates to reflect the culture and values embodied in our ESG Commitments.

Adopting sustainable Environmental practices, acknowledging our Social responsibility and employing sound ethical Governance are considered integral to all aspects our business culture.  Acting directly in terms of what we do and indirectly through our advice and the way we work with suppliers, we aim to ensure that our teams across all disciplines share the same values and understand what our Partnership approach to ESG embodies:

Delivering for our People

  • Bringing the best people and opportunities together.
  • Encouraging lifelong learning and career development.
  • Supporting our people both in the work place and at home.

Delivering for our Clients

  • Providing our clients with informed and independent advice they can trust.
  • Working collectively as a team of specialists within a flexible structure and open business culture.
  • Empowering our team to do whatever it takes to create outstanding value for our clients.

Delivering for our Community

  • Striving to make our business a positive member of the communities in which we live and work.
  • Becoming an agent for change both as a business and as individuals.
  • Working collectively with other businesses and organisations to advocate and deliver positive change.

Delivering for our Planet

  • Provide advice that has best practice and the environment as a key component of our thought process.
  • Influence and address environmental priorities as a core business aim.
  • Ensure that as a business we adopt policies and structures that minimize our environmental impact and move ourselves and our clients towards a net zero carbon target.

More about our values is set out below but if you are interested in engaging directly please speak to Chris Grazier and Jonathan Marwood, Partners of the business, both of whom joined the company 25 years ago and have an continuing role in developing our ESG policy and our business approach to the Climate Emergency.


As a business we are committed to delivering advice and solutions which, at the centre of our thinking, keeps the need to protect our environment, deliver carbon reduction and help clients meet their ESG goals.  The myriad of existing and new sustainability legislation such as minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES), Heat Network Regulations and Climate Change Act, navigating, understanding and conforming with this legislation can be daunting for any investor. 

The breadth of our service range has allowed our people to develop and coordinate a range of ESG related experience and expertise, allowing us to provide comprehensive sustainability and property investment advice to clients in all matters relating to ESG and Net Zero Carbon.  This ranges from collating and analysing building data for initial building assessments through to cost benefit analysis of proposed works and broader market led analysis of proposed schemes and their position in the market against competitors.

Although our work inevitably takes place at a number of different stages, with differing impact levels, one of our principal objectives is to minimise the environmental impact of the assets/portfolios owned by our clients, whilst also meeting their financial and occupational objectives.  Our multi-disciplinary professionals combine property management, agency, project management and building consultancy with mechanical, electrical and sustainability expertise to guide our clients ESG focused decisions.

We constantly track environmental legislation to ensure our advice is at the leading edge of the industry.  We also work hard to monitor advancements in technology that will deliver real benefits for our clients and enhance their ESG objectives.  Our property work can vary significantly in scale, market position, age and use, so our approach must be adaptable and specifically tailored to ensure sustainable targets are met, without compromising the financial viability and occupational requirements of a particular asset.  However, this is where aims can be achieved and we believe in challenging convention where we think significant ESG benefits can be delivered.

In the management of our business, our dealings with our suppliers and our work in the geographic areas we cover, we are committed to balancing the commercial value-led advice we provide with our carbon reduction commitments and the priority we give to the ESG aims of our business.  We have taken active steps to reduce our own carbon footprint by prioritising the acquisition of BREEAM Excellent offices for our Bristol Office, encouraging alternative transport plans for our staff and supporting initiatives such as Cyclingworks Bristol to deliver safer alternative commuting options.

The environment-related initiatives our business is striving to achieve include:

  • Prioritising the transition of our offices from dated buildings to modern energy efficient equivalents.
  • Developing an integrated IT strategy that allows agile-working from anywhere.
  • Adopting energy saving initiatives, such as motion sensitive lighting, to reduce the energy consumption in our offices.
  • Implementing paperless working practices where possible and recycling any paper sources in our offices including recycling paper waste.
  • Encouraging office recycling by removing general waste bins from the floor and installing a central recycling station.
  • Being members of Cyclescheme and, where possible, encouraging all colleagues to consider cycling to work.


As a consultancy led business, our colleagues are our greatest asset. We have long realised that creating an inclusive, supportive and dynamic environment is the key to attracting the best people to our business and delivering the best possible service and advice for our clients.

As part of our approach we have instigated policies and created opportunities for our colleagues to develop an awareness of the role they play both in our business and in the wider community, whether they are acting in a professional capacity or as a private individual.  We seek to underpin this approach with an integrated career development programme that incorporates structured continuous learning for all professional colleagues, regular appraisal of employees’ progress and development of career paths for advancement in the business.

We have a well-developed approach to diversity and equal opportunities, supported by employment policies designed to be adopted at all levels of our business and applied in the management of all teams.  We are signatories to the Bristol Property Inclusion Charter and actively seek ways in which we can encourage and support diversity throughout our industry.

We have always prioritised the investment in, and development of, young people who want to work in our industry; indeed, some of today’s Partners have worked here since first joining the profession.  Annually we aim to recruit up to 20% of our new staff from higher education, in many cases this has been people who have worked with us during a placement year in their degree course via our partnership with local universities.  More recently, we have begun to invest in modern apprenticeships and are proud to be developing new members of staff through this approach.

We offer school, college and university students the opportunity to spend work experience periods with us, participate in lecture programmes and collaborate with higher education organisations to help young people understand the opportunities to them in a professional services business they may not otherwise have considered.   

As a commitment to our local communities, we aim to recruit new employees from the local market regardless of the level of seniority or scope of work. Wherever possible, we seek to appoint local companies in our supply chain and help our clients meet their goals through supporting local business and local employees in locations across the country.

Our commitment to all our employees is that we will pay a fair, equitable salary and share the profit of the firm with all colleagues irrespective of their seniority or length of service.  We create tailored personal development programmes to facilitate professional advancement and make our colleagues more valuable to the business.  We provide all employees with a Health & Wellbeing Programme which, in addition to the support each line manager provides to their team, includes access to trained mental health first aiders, 24/7 online help including confidential legal support and GP access.

Our Flexible Working Policy recognises that a more adaptable approach can improve employee motivation, performance and productivity, enhancing their work/life balance.  The policy allows for varied work start and finish times, part-time, on location and home working.

As a business we provide our colleagues with the ability to work at least one paid day a year away from the office volunteering with a local charity or organisation to they wish to support of to which they have made a commitment. This can vary from providing pro – bono professional advice to helping out with practical work or undertaking a challenge on behalf of a charity. We have also partnered with charities such as Bristol Asks, Street Smart and LandAID on specific projects by helping spread the word amongst our clients and contacts.

Each year we nominate chosen charities for our business. During the year we run numerous events that are designed to engage our people, promote well-being and raise funds for our charities.

Our Nominated Charities 2022

  1. Great Ormond Street Hospital
  2. Children’s Hospice South West

We take our role in the business community seriously and encourage all colleagues to play their part in supporting business growth and development organisations such as Business West, The Junior Chamber and Invest Bristol and Bath in developing the local south-west economy.  Through our membership and leadership of bodies such as the Rating Surveyors Association, REVO and the Bristol Property Agents Association we also play our part in helping shape the business community and society in which we work.   

We are members of:

  • The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • Institute of Workplace Facilities Managers
  • British Chambers of Commerce
  • LandAID
  • REVO
  • Business West
  • Bristol Property Agents Association
  • Rating Surveyors Association
  • West End Office Agents Society
  • British Council of Offices
  • Shop Agents’ Society
  • Office Agents’ Society
  • Industrial Agents’ Society
  • Junior Chamber
  • Women In Property
  • Young Professionals (YEP)


We are a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and our business is owned and managed by equity owning Members, who all have an active role in managing the business and are committed to the day to day running of the organisation.

Our Business Plan seeks to resource and maintain a stable foundation for sustainable business growth enabling us to continue to produce the high quality of work of which we are proud.  Within our Business Plan we seek to balance the financial aspirations of the firm with those of all our clients, the communities in which we work and the wider environment.

We are a RICS (The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) registered firm. Our Partners and all our surveyors are either RICS qualified surveyors, are working towards securing their professional qualifications, or are experienced specialists with the relevant skills and qualifications to provide the highest level of professionalism in their respective fields.

We have developed, and frequently review, a framework of company policies that seek to ensure we undertake our day to day work in a manner which ensures compliance with the regulatory requirements of our industry, through adherence to specific Codes of Conduct required by membership of professional bodies and compliance with national legislation such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

In addition, we have achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification. This is a requirement of many of our public sector appointments and enables the managers of the business streams to develop processes that address the goal of undertaking business in a manner that is ethically and sustainability focussed.

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