Introducing Toilet-Twinning in Managed Properties

How do we address social responsibility in the properties that we manage? A new initiative that we’re excited about has been rolled out at Handforth Dean in Cheshire . . .

Hartnell Taylor Cook introduces Toilet Twinning at Handforth Dean

At Handforth Dean, one of the retail properties managed by Hartnell Taylor Cook, Associate Director Alan Wright has initiated a ‘toilet twinning’ programme. This charitable programme involves sponsoring toilets in Nepal and Malawi. The charity, called Toilet Twinning, funds much-needed hygiene education via community-led workshops and sourcing local materials for families and communities to build their own toilets. 

In short, the charity commits to build a toilet in a community that helps families access clean water and learn about hygiene – a vital combination that saves lives.

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