Q&A with Katherine Anthony, Marketing Executive

Q&A with Katherine Anthony, Marketing Executive

In our ‘getting to know the team’ series, we recently sat down with Katherine Anthony, our Marketing Executive.

How did you get into property?  

Quite by chance: I’d spent 20 years working abroad as Marketing and PR director for luxury hotels and private islands.  I drifted back to the UK when the pandemic hit and was recruited by HTC in 2021 for an administrative role in the Property and Asset Management department.  I moved back into marketing this summer.

Your favourite thing about working for HTC?       

The people.  I enjoy coming to the office because everyone here is genuine and friendly, and truly passionate about their jobs. I learn something new every day.

Fun fact about yourself?

Because my parents lived abroad when I was young, my mother tongue was originally German.

What is your favourite building/piece of architecture and why?

I remember when the Spectrum building in Bristol was completed.  Along with most of Bristol it seems, I was taken there by my parents to gawk at the rainbow-coloured neon lights on the front. It seemed like such a space-age building at the time.

How do you like to relax?          

Yoga and reading. I’d like to include gardening on the list, but I find it less than relaxing when I see what the slugs have been up to overnight.

Something you’ve learnt over the last year?       

Bristol’s public transport system has room for improvement!

Favourite tipple?          

I don’t go anywhere without my 1.5 litre teapot and a wide selection of teas. In the evenings, red wine always hits the spot.

If you could give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be?   

Take more photos: these will become precious memories when you’re older.

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