Helping get to Net Zero Carbon by 2050






Hartnell Taylor Cook Mechanical and Electrical Consultancy (Sustainability Team) has been working with several London based family offices to implement newly implemented sustainability legislation across their UK property portfolios. The Heat Network Regulations is crucial UK legislation to encourage owners and occupiers to reduce their carbon footprint by detailed understanding of their C02 emissions.

Stage 1 of the project consisted of completing full or reduce input cost effectiveness assessments across the various sites across the UK which had a statutory completion date of November 2022. This required site surveys to obtain the required heating and cool plant data and general building arrangements. Thereafter, this data along with the utility data was inputted into the assessment tools and the Client heat networks were re-registered.

Stage 2 of the project will consist of the performance design, tender and project management of the turnkey projects to install heat metering and data collection systems to enable the building owner and occupiers to better understand their carbon footprint. Stage 2 is likely to commence in Q1 of 2022 and Hartnell Taylor Cook’s dedicated team of multidisciplinary building services consultants will be working with and guiding the Client through the entire project

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